Data systems: HIS, BPM, CRM, ERP

The Health Information Systems have become one of the epicenters of a company. The organization, control and proper record of all the information it gathers a company operating in the health sector , not only general information but also personal data and scientific, are crucial not only to comply with legislation and regulations , but also to offer a quality service and excellence to their customers. From Mobiliza Consulting, aware of the importance of professionals information systems and suitable for every type of business, productor service , we offer different technological solutions:

flechaHis ((Hospital InformationSystem)

It is a  calculation program that once installed allows among other advantages: Keeptrack of all services provided to patients, obtain statistics, epidemiological data, obtain the details of the cost of care provided to each patient or keep a strict clinical record completely electronically.

flechaBPM BPM (Business Process Management)

Also called Business Process Management is the corporate methodology that aims to improve performance in both efficiency and effectiveness of your organization by managing business processes that must design, model, organize, document and optimize continuously.

flechaCRM: CRM (CustomerRelationship Management)

It is a management model base the relationship company has with patients, allowing you to identify and manage relationships with their patients working differently depending on the type of patient concerned, undoubtedly improving and personalizing their treatment and their actions on them and being more effective in interacting with them.

flechaERP (enterpriseresourceplanning)

They are management information systems level. Amon gits mainfeatures we include: the manufacture or production, storage, logistics and information technology,

Computing Security


We work to guarantee and ensure that computing resources are available at HealthCare Centre to fulfill his purposes , for example preventing that these are not damaged or altered. To do this , we implement and enforce a series of technical rules aimed at prevention, protection and preservation of all that is susceptible to any kind of alteration or theft , whether individual, group or professionally.

From Mobiliza Consulting, we minister supporting Information Security in 3 axes:

flechaSecurity Consulting: we analyze the current situation of information security of our clients in order to establish security policies, standards and procedures to ensure the integrity , availability and confidentiality of information.


Security design: we generate and create an structure and strong strategy, stable and full security for the fulfillment of its objectives and ad hoc to the needs of our customers.


Security Implementation: once we established consulting and design , we implement system-wide computer security for the company.



An IP PBX or VoIP is a telephone exchange that works internally with the IP protocol. Thus, using the data communications infrastructure (LAN and WAN) to perform their functions . The IP PBX can there for connect to public VoIP services , but also have the ability to work with conventional telephone lines both analog and digital (ISDN). These features provide benefits to their functional level and also in terms of costs, both investment and maintenance.

Advantages achieved with the IP VOICE

flechaVendor independence

flechaWithout cost of licenses

flechaNo licenses cost for the client of IP

flechaCoexistence of analog phones and IP phones

flechaCost savings

flechaNo cost calls between delegations

flechaIntegration with CRM ‘s

flechaIntegration with corporate email

flechaExtension on mobile phone


Study and resolution of problems related to the design, installation and maintenance of telecommunications systems. The main activities in this field are:

flechaWireless network design.

flechaCalculations of coverage radio-relay and visibility.

flechaCommunications projects

flechaSupport for network optimization in reliability and cost.



We guide our clients in the right direction for their revolution in network environments and the Technology of Information and Communication (ICT ).

We provide advice on technological solutions that enable implanted networks guarantee continuity and security of
business applications and connectivity , while meeting the strict legislation.

Their networks are always available , accessible and protected , regardless of where we are and with optimal
performance levels . These solutions and services that form the pillars of any computer network.

Computer equipment


We offer to the companies of the healthcare sector advisory services , aimed at finding the best solutions in the computing market , both in terms of hardware and software . We have a flexible methodology to deliver the material purchased by our customers quickly and effectively.

flecha Servers

flecha Peripherals

flecha Portátiles

flecha Laptops

flecha Tablets


Electronic network: routers, firewalls , switches, WIFI accesspoints

flecha UPS continues power supplies

flechaSoftware: Server, PC , antivirus …


Election of Hostings and ISP

All health care company at one point passes through the important process of choosing his web host or hosting of servers, either virtual and dedicated .

By drilling hosting consulting , Mobiliza Consulting identifies problems and offers the market solution that best suits your needs . Withover 10 years of experience in the sector,

Mobiliza knows the needs of the healthcare sector, the specifics of each provider and new technologies in the field of cloud , storage and hosting.

We advise and guide you through out the process of searching , analysis and choice of accommodation , so that the solution fits your needs and meets allits goals.

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