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Consultancy of the Code of Good Practice Farmaindustria


On January 1, 2014 came into force the Code of Good Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry, with the aim of promoting the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and health professionals, health organizations and patients, is governed by criteria independence, transparency, accountability and professionalism.

This new code transposes the rules of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), aligning the Spanish self-regulatory system with other existing systems in Europe in the promotion of prescription medicines and interaction with professionals and healthcare organizations.

The code covers three main areas: promotion of drugs preescripción, the interaction of the pharmaceutical industry professionals and healthcare organizations and relationships between industry and associations and patient organizations.

From Mobiliza Consulting we offer to our customers a detailed knowledge of the new Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry and we offer better interact with their end customers in compliance with this code of practice.


Experts in working with HealthCare Providers (HCP) and HealthCare Organizations (HCO)

We help you to fulfill the obligations of the code of practice Farmaindustria for the disclosure of transfers of value with HealthCare Professionals (HCPs) and HealthCare Organizations ( HCOs ) . You can keep a closer link with their customers using our value-added services.

Discover our advice , as you can better track and maintain greater contact with HCPs and HCOs . With what tools that have closer links with business . What can offer personalized services to arouse their interest.

Discover what are the new technologies that can help you further enhance your relationship with them.

Medical record software for physicians


Inclusion in a pendrive Healthcare Record software that complies with the Data Protection Act.

The main virtues of Clinical PC are its simplicity and ease of learning, its modularity which allows much parameterization of the application to the needs of our customers and full compliance with the Data ProtectionAct.

1. Developed by experts in E – Healthcare

2. Complete management of the clinical history of the center

3. Complies with the Data Protection Act.


Fulfilling Article 10.2 of the Code of Good Practice forthe PharmaceuticalIndustry.

Editorial Line


Thinking about readers and authors …

We perform all tasks related to the processes of production and publication of magazines, books and manuals in digital format and APP.

Services aimed at authors, health professionals, institutions and companies in the healthcare sector. Our publishing services include: digitization , review and proofreading, editorial design, composition and layout of the original file, application styles and Multipublication export to various formats currently in force ; as well as other complementary value services such as distribution and injection of files in the global platforms of digital distribution, management of ISSN and ISBN …

Design and Development of Web Pages


The best design for your company joined the Know-How about the Pharmaceutical Industry

Our Web Design services for the pharmaceutical industry seek to catch the attention of visitors in an attractive and modern design that inspire and awaken your confidence. All this also looking for a convenient positioning through the keywords that you previously discussed withour customer.

Getting a good usability , management styles and compliance with the Data Protection Act , consistent with the Code of Good Practice. For this we have a team of consultants, designers and programmers who know what they physicians expect, patients and associations of doctors and patients while they know in depth the latest technologies in web design and development.

Digital marketing

The pharmaceutical industry has to be adapting their strategies for promoting increasingly what physicians and patients demand, relying on digital initiatives more effectively and efficiently to their interests.

Digital marketing services for the pharmaceutical industry


Marketing Online. We offers pecialized services positioning, like SEO, SEM and SMO encourage the recruitment and loyalty for doctors and patients and development of business strategies for your business.

Social Network. We advise on social networks, analyzing in detail your company and studied in terms of how you want loyalty among doctors and patients, in what social networks will be more interesting to have a presence. We design and implement strategies for the promotion and revitalization of social networks; we manage various channels and their online reputation from the common perspective of physicians and patients.

Video. With the help of video quality we can increase traffic to your website the profiles that interest you, while get to stay longer on your site.



Efficient coaching service, you can use in the field of human resources for the company to promote the inherent talent of the company and the development and growth of the people in the same way continuously.

Effectively using the Executive Coaching, managers and middle managers in your company can set its goals more effectively, optimizing its capacity for action, taking the most optimal decisions and better use their strengths, enabling faster and achieves the strategic objectives for the company.

The Executive Coaching helps managers to discover their strengths, enabling them to achieve the desired objectives; over coming obstacles, helping to consolidate its leadership and giving value to the organization. Employees achieved through coaching sessions professional and personal transformation that allows them to be more efficient in each of their challenges.

Achievements that can be achieved with coaching

  • Acceptance and motivation challenges.
  • Individual growth, which will be reflected in the growth of the company.
  • Prioritizing the benefits of team work.
  • Unlearn to relearn.
  • Personal motivation.
  • Leadership.

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